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I rarely post anything but AC except if it's important or just too funny not to reblog!
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okay Nintendo but consider this: i don’t have money

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hey guys!! I’ve missed you all so much! I went on my AC game for the first time in weeks and nobody had moved which was amazing. Now tomorrow is my birthday and I get to have them sing to me ^W^

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Anonymous said: I like the unpopular villagers because I know what it's like to be below average on the beauty scale.

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#mayorproblems amirite

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There’s only so much patience a mayor can have

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has this been done yet

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Running over your flowers in Animal Crossing like


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It’s pretty early for fall outfits, but I saw a mori coordinate that was really cute and decided to try my hand at making it in AC. :3

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what’s up with kids these days and their animal life and tomodachi crossing

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